Although the name of this blog might give the impression it will be filled with positive and calming reading the reader may find this is not always the case. I make no apologies for this.

I believe experiencing the whole range of emotions, both those considered negative and those considered to be positive are a big part in what makes us human.
Acknowledging and expressing those feelings in an appropriate way makes us healthy humans.
You will find the gamut of emotions expressed in my works on this blog. I hope they encourage the reader to acknowledge their own feelings both positive and negative.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tides of emotion...

Tides of emotion

Like the pull of the tides
Emotions sweep over us
A dance of ups and downs
Twirling us this way and that
As the ocean casts driftwood
And other treasures
Each pleasure and pain
Carving us into who we will be
Flotsam and jetsam
Washed in by the sea
Fear, grief and sadness
Happiness, Joy and love
They all leave an indelible mark
We don’t always see
Allow ourselves to feel
And our spirits will always be free

© Helen B 2008
peace and healing

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Forget me not....

Forget me Not

Forget me not
your spirit whispered
to me upon the wind
I felt your breath upon my neck

How could I ?
mine called back softly,
smoothly travelling the distance
in the warmth of the spring night air

Do you remember when.....
your spirit asked
A wistfulness imparted,
delicate as a butterflies touch upon my skin

My spirit smiled
and raised a hand.
Do you not see the shining light
surrounding my very soul?

Arms wide open
my spirit reveals to you
the memory of my heart,
Imprinted permanently forevermore

How would I ever forget
the priceless gift
of unconditional love
shared freely and without measure

A sigh upon the wind
I feel the recognition unfold
a relief and soaring of your heart
My precious one, of my life you will always be a part

Two spirits
speaking silently
no words required at all
Oh I remember when .....and never forgot at all

© Helen B 2009 

peace and healing

Saturday, December 18, 2010



Slowly meandering
Across endless blue skies
Dancing as a dandelion
On the breezes of spring
The tinkle of laughter
Fills the air
Sun kissed skin
Warm and soft
My thoughts spiral
Breathing deeply
I inhale the touch
Of mother earth
And I am comforted

peace and healing

© Helen B 2007

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The scars on the inside...

The scars on the inside

The scars on the inside
Are the ones that matter most
The scars on the inside
That no-one else can see
The scars on the inside
Tearing us apart
The scars on the inside
Breeding fear and insecurity
The scars on the inside
Feel them with your heart
The scars on the inside
Can true love smooth them out?
The scars on the inside
The depths of a fiery hell
The scars on the inside
We learn to hide them well
The scars on the inside
Need validation if you care
The scars on the inside
Will always be there
The scars on the inside
Part of who I am
The scars on the inside
Dare you - love me if you can
The scars on the inside
Always part of me
The scars on the inside
Will love set them free?

peace and healing

© Helen B 2007

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hearts never forget...

A fleeting memory of times won and lost, friendships forged through shared times. The heart never forgets.
Hearts never forget

The lady traverses
long halls filled with memories
She pauses and reaches out a tentative hand
Echoes of laughter from a distant time
Resound on the empty air
Then sudden warmth fills her inner self
Laughter and love shared, friends old and new
Feelings of joy that always remain
Despite fleeting glimpses
Of changing times and journeys just begun
Hearts never forget the bruises of life
Nor the love that tenderly cradles
Gently mending all that wounds
The lady smiles and gives thanks
For the blessings of love and the richness
Offered up by living itself
Today, tomorrow and for evermore

© Helen B 2008

peace and healing

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The little girl within

 Todays offering is something a little different. I hope you enjoy it.
I think most women can relate to the little girl that resides within us all. Occasionally she pops up to the surface, sometimes when least expected. I'm a great believer in the idea of an inner child. The little girl within touches on that concept.
wishing you peace and healing

The little girl within

Inside the woman a little girl resides
The little girl within takes delight in simple things
Dandelion clock's, butterfly wings
Winter's orchard bare
Without, the woman moves as women do
Hips swaying to and fro
The little girl throws cartwheels
and squeals with glee
The woman pouts glossy kisses at the mirror in the hall
The little girl copies exuberantly adding pearls and precious jewels
Tottering in heels too high she giggles and leaves lipstick marks behind
The woman pauses now and then, the briefest smile upon her lips
As if she hears a childish whisper
Calling from afar
The little girl retreats again falling gently into sleep
Watch and listen carefully
and occasionally you will see
The little girl within the woman
that is me!

© Helen B 2008

peace and healing

~ dedicated to all the women who are familiar with the 'little girl within' ~

Monday, December 6, 2010

Reaching out...

At various times in life we all reach out to others. Sometimes we cannot be present physically and that can be a very difficult thing to deal with. Like many I was overwhelmed with grief and sadness for the people affected by the tragic bushfires of February 13th 2009 in my home State of Victoria.
I wrote the following poem as a way of reaching out and expressing my feelings associated with the fires and their horrendous impact on so many lives.
Tragically many lives were lost, many more will forever carry the scars, both physically and mentally for the rest of their lives. It seems an impossible thing to hope for but my wish for them all is that they find
peace and healing

Reaching out

Reaching out
with open arms
hands extended
with tender loving care

Reaching out
Pulling you close
wrapping you in love
but you're not there

Reaching out
through time and space
feeling pain and grief
loss too hard to bear

Reaching out
through the darkest night
tending those in need
the deepest wounds dont bleed

Reaching out
a tender touch
upon a sleeping brow
terror postponed for now

Reaching out
Across the ether
Healing heart and hands
Soft as the desert sands

Reaching out
a silent companion
Open heart and ears
witness to the held back tears

Reaching out
with love and compassion
sorrow reflected in the stars
healing from afar

© Helen B 13th Febuary 2009

~written for the victims of the Victorian Bushfires~
wishing them always peace and healing

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Loneliness is something we all experience at some time. I wrote this poem at a time when I was feeling very lonely and isolated. It is not a cheerful piece but I know it will resonate with most people.


In the dark hours
Loneliness taunts me
Glimpses of times past
Happiness and laughter
Dim memories rush forth
Intensifying the feelings
Of desolation and despair
Abandoned and alone
I struggle to find comfort
In simple pleasures
Isolation feeding
In the dark hours

© Helen B 2007

peace and healing

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Learning to fly

Learning to trust in yourself after seemingly bad choices in life takes strength and courage. After my divorce I totally lacked self confidence or trust in myself to make good decisions. I was fortunate to meet a couple of very special people who nurtured me on my journey to rediscovering myself and discovering that I could indeed fly if I just believed in myself enough. This poem was written with inspiration from those cherished friends. Words will never be sufficient to thank them for the gift they gave me.
peace and healing
Learning to fly

With gentle hands
You lifted me up
Soothing my fears
With tender gentleness
Nurtured and loved me
And let me go
Watching with joy
As I spread my wings
Just like a butterfly
Discovering a new world
A life of new beginnings
And precious moments
Remaining still
A welcoming haven
And sanctuary to me
As I venture forth to explore
My new world
Retreating at times
To the safety of your arms
To be held once more
With love and gentleness
Knowing I’m free
To fly
Yet content to stay

© Helen B 2008

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Beginnings

My muse is still playing hard to get so I will continue to share some of my older works for now. New beginnings are something we all look forward to after a period of grieving. This poem was written at such a time in my life. I hope somebody else can relate.
New Beginnings

New beginnings
A blank page almost
Traces of the past
Linger like the delicate
Fragrance of blossom in spring

New beginnings
A gentle breeze
Softly blows the page bare
Once more a clean slate
Open to fresh imprints laid there

New beginnings
A journey begun anew
Fear and insecurity among
The feelings drifting through
As I contemplate what next to do

New beginnings
Resting quietly waiting
To see what destiny shall bring
What new joys in life to behold
Shared sadness, frustrations and more

New beginnings
Peace and stillness
Finally found their place
Open loving heart and open mind
Releasing energies to echo across the universe

New beginnings
What is meant to be
New life and loving to be shared
Footsteps gently tread into my heart
A tender stamp of affection left with love and care

New beginnings
Eyes wide open
Believing in what they see
What once seemed impossible
Allowing a new perspective and setting me free

© Helen B 2007

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Words are not enough

I'm pretty sure most people can relate to having been in a situation where words just don't seem to be enough to express our emotions.

Words are not enough 

Words are not enough
When I want to reach out and touch you
Words are not enough
When I want to ease your fears
Words are not enough
When I want to hold you tight
Words are not enough
When I want to share my tears
Words are not enough
When I want to simply be by your side
Words are not enough
To express the way I feel
Words are not enough
To tell you how much I care
Words are not enough
To show I love you

peace and healing

© Helen B 2007

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fractured hearts and minds

It often seems to me that two people who are hurting or who have been deeply hurt are often drawn to one another. I don't know if it's some unconcious recognition of similar pain or totally random.
Sometimes such relationships are very healing.

Fractured hearts & minds   
Fractured hearts and minds
Setting out to find
Other fractured spirits
Broken pieces matched in kind.
Coming together
Slowly with care
Jagged pieces connecting
Two broken shards become one.
Melding and mending together
Healed with love.

© Helen B 2007

Friday, November 26, 2010

Create peace

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I even joke about being born with a pencil in one hand. I wrote stories and poems constantly throughout my childhood, less so during my teens.
I unsuccessfully wrote and abandoned many diaries and journals right through my teens and my twenties. (Sadly I destroyed these attempts at expressing myself, I wonder now what insights they would give?)

My thirties saw me busy raising children and trying to hold together a marriage that was doomed to failure. Only after my divorce in 2004 did my creative urge once again burst forth.  I haven't written anything new in over a year and my hope is that I can once again renew my creative spirit and make writing a regular part of my day.

I have used the signature line 'peace and healing' for a few years now. It seemed an appropriate name for this blog. I have travelled a journey since my divorce that has been painful and difficult as such times often are. In the end however I found my peace and healing. I hope that I can share parts of me that may touch others in their own journey of life. 

peace and healing
Helen aka ladychiara

Create peace   
Create peace
With acceptance in your eyes

Create peace
Listen with an open mind

Create peace
Speak words of healing

Create peace
Reach out and touch someone

Create peace
Extend an olive branch

Create peace
With the love in your heart

6th August 2007
© Helen B

***I claim complete copyright of all poetry and personal writing shared on this blog. Please do not use my work in any way, shape or form without express permission. Thank you for respecting my rights as an author and artist.