Although the name of this blog might give the impression it will be filled with positive and calming reading the reader may find this is not always the case. I make no apologies for this.

I believe experiencing the whole range of emotions, both those considered negative and those considered to be positive are a big part in what makes us human.
Acknowledging and expressing those feelings in an appropriate way makes us healthy humans.
You will find the gamut of emotions expressed in my works on this blog. I hope they encourage the reader to acknowledge their own feelings both positive and negative.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Forget me not....

Forget me Not

Forget me not
your spirit whispered
to me upon the wind
I felt your breath upon my neck

How could I ?
mine called back softly,
smoothly travelling the distance
in the warmth of the spring night air

Do you remember when.....
your spirit asked
A wistfulness imparted,
delicate as a butterflies touch upon my skin

My spirit smiled
and raised a hand.
Do you not see the shining light
surrounding my very soul?

Arms wide open
my spirit reveals to you
the memory of my heart,
Imprinted permanently forevermore

How would I ever forget
the priceless gift
of unconditional love
shared freely and without measure

A sigh upon the wind
I feel the recognition unfold
a relief and soaring of your heart
My precious one, of my life you will always be a part

Two spirits
speaking silently
no words required at all
Oh I remember when .....and never forgot at all

© Helen B 2009 

peace and healing


  1. What can I say Helen - beautiful doesn't quite cover it - a very emotional and evocative write - well done.

  2. Thanks Linda, I like this piece and it was written for a very special friend. My best pieces seem to be pieces that come straight from my heart.

  3. That is lovely i really like your poems.I have always been a writer and i can see these come straight from your heart of hearts.

  4. Thank you Jules. My best writing is always from the heart and writing poetry helped me through depression, divorce and starting over. I have so many more but haven't posted them here because I am still in two minds about sharing them online.