Although the name of this blog might give the impression it will be filled with positive and calming reading the reader may find this is not always the case. I make no apologies for this.

I believe experiencing the whole range of emotions, both those considered negative and those considered to be positive are a big part in what makes us human.
Acknowledging and expressing those feelings in an appropriate way makes us healthy humans.
You will find the gamut of emotions expressed in my works on this blog. I hope they encourage the reader to acknowledge their own feelings both positive and negative.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Reaching out...

At various times in life we all reach out to others. Sometimes we cannot be present physically and that can be a very difficult thing to deal with. Like many I was overwhelmed with grief and sadness for the people affected by the tragic bushfires of February 13th 2009 in my home State of Victoria.
I wrote the following poem as a way of reaching out and expressing my feelings associated with the fires and their horrendous impact on so many lives.
Tragically many lives were lost, many more will forever carry the scars, both physically and mentally for the rest of their lives. It seems an impossible thing to hope for but my wish for them all is that they find
peace and healing

Reaching out

Reaching out
with open arms
hands extended
with tender loving care

Reaching out
Pulling you close
wrapping you in love
but you're not there

Reaching out
through time and space
feeling pain and grief
loss too hard to bear

Reaching out
through the darkest night
tending those in need
the deepest wounds dont bleed

Reaching out
a tender touch
upon a sleeping brow
terror postponed for now

Reaching out
Across the ether
Healing heart and hands
Soft as the desert sands

Reaching out
a silent companion
Open heart and ears
witness to the held back tears

Reaching out
with love and compassion
sorrow reflected in the stars
healing from afar

© Helen B 13th Febuary 2009

~written for the victims of the Victorian Bushfires~
wishing them always peace and healing

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