Although the name of this blog might give the impression it will be filled with positive and calming reading the reader may find this is not always the case. I make no apologies for this.

I believe experiencing the whole range of emotions, both those considered negative and those considered to be positive are a big part in what makes us human.
Acknowledging and expressing those feelings in an appropriate way makes us healthy humans.
You will find the gamut of emotions expressed in my works on this blog. I hope they encourage the reader to acknowledge their own feelings both positive and negative.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Learning to fly

Learning to trust in yourself after seemingly bad choices in life takes strength and courage. After my divorce I totally lacked self confidence or trust in myself to make good decisions. I was fortunate to meet a couple of very special people who nurtured me on my journey to rediscovering myself and discovering that I could indeed fly if I just believed in myself enough. This poem was written with inspiration from those cherished friends. Words will never be sufficient to thank them for the gift they gave me.
peace and healing
Learning to fly

With gentle hands
You lifted me up
Soothing my fears
With tender gentleness
Nurtured and loved me
And let me go
Watching with joy
As I spread my wings
Just like a butterfly
Discovering a new world
A life of new beginnings
And precious moments
Remaining still
A welcoming haven
And sanctuary to me
As I venture forth to explore
My new world
Retreating at times
To the safety of your arms
To be held once more
With love and gentleness
Knowing I’m free
To fly
Yet content to stay

© Helen B 2008

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