Although the name of this blog might give the impression it will be filled with positive and calming reading the reader may find this is not always the case. I make no apologies for this.

I believe experiencing the whole range of emotions, both those considered negative and those considered to be positive are a big part in what makes us human.
Acknowledging and expressing those feelings in an appropriate way makes us healthy humans.
You will find the gamut of emotions expressed in my works on this blog. I hope they encourage the reader to acknowledge their own feelings both positive and negative.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Create peace

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I even joke about being born with a pencil in one hand. I wrote stories and poems constantly throughout my childhood, less so during my teens.
I unsuccessfully wrote and abandoned many diaries and journals right through my teens and my twenties. (Sadly I destroyed these attempts at expressing myself, I wonder now what insights they would give?)

My thirties saw me busy raising children and trying to hold together a marriage that was doomed to failure. Only after my divorce in 2004 did my creative urge once again burst forth.  I haven't written anything new in over a year and my hope is that I can once again renew my creative spirit and make writing a regular part of my day.

I have used the signature line 'peace and healing' for a few years now. It seemed an appropriate name for this blog. I have travelled a journey since my divorce that has been painful and difficult as such times often are. In the end however I found my peace and healing. I hope that I can share parts of me that may touch others in their own journey of life. 

peace and healing
Helen aka ladychiara

Create peace   
Create peace
With acceptance in your eyes

Create peace
Listen with an open mind

Create peace
Speak words of healing

Create peace
Reach out and touch someone

Create peace
Extend an olive branch

Create peace
With the love in your heart

6th August 2007
© Helen B

***I claim complete copyright of all poetry and personal writing shared on this blog. Please do not use my work in any way, shape or form without express permission. Thank you for respecting my rights as an author and artist.


  1. a beautiful poem
    and a lovely blog.
    looking forward to reading more

  2. Eagerly awaiting a daily post - lovely poem Helen!!

  3. Nic and Honour thank you both very much.Your support and encouragement is appreciated.